The club is organized with the purpose of promoting conservation, enhancing fishing and hunting practices, fostering friendly relations with landowners and sportsmen, and ensuring compliance with fish and game laws. Additionally, the club is committed to supporting education for both members and non-members, covering topics such as hunter safety, safe firearms handling, bowhunting, conservation, fishing, and other outdoor interests. It is crucial to note that the organization operates on a non-profit and non-political basis, emphasizing its dedication to community service, outdoor education, and the responsible enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Gem City Outdoorsman’s Club Rules (GCOC)
Effective Immediately
Club ground Rules are subject to change
• Our statement regarding “non-political organization”
• Club grounds are for members only. Guests are welcome 1 time. Thereafter they must join.
• Any member of GCOC has the right to ask another person who is on the club grounds for identification. License plates or other identification   of any personnel who are not members shall be reported to a director.
• Signs are posted in various locations regarding rules and regulations. Members must read and follow all club rules.
• This club belongs to all of us. Police your trash.
• Dumpsters and trash receptacles are for GCOC-related waste only. Do not deposit personal waste in these containers.
• Membership cards must be carried at all times while on GCOC property.
• No recreational vehicles are permitted at any time unless it is during a sanctioned event.
• Speed limit on ALL club grounds is 5 MPH.
• Gem City is NOT responsible for any injuries that occur on club grounds. Individuals using the facilities do so at their own risk and assume   responsibility for injuries to persons or property caused by or to them.
• Individuals under the age of 16 years of age may not use the facilities unless accompanied by a responsible person 18 years or older.
• Any part of the facility may be closed at the discretion of the officers and directors in order to maintain a safe environment for any reason.   Every effort will be made to notify the membership in advance and signs will be posted.
• Hunting is permitted on GCOC grounds by MEMBERS only. Parking to hunt must be on GCOC grounds inside of the gate which is accessed   by your gate card. Absolutely no off-road parking to access GCOC grounds.
• No person shall permanently install a structure on GCOC grounds without prior approval of the board of directors.
• Tree stands may be used as long as they do no damage to GCOC property. Screw-in steps and hangers are strictly forbidden.   Tree stands must be removed by the end of the deer hunting season.

Rifle Ranges
• Read and follow ALL range rules as posted
• Range is open from 8:00 am until sunset from Monday through Saturday and from 9:00 am until sunset on Sundays. Check sunset times before using the ranges.
• Individuals using the range are responsible for keeping the area clean and free of debris. All participants shall remove any litter or targets from the backboards prior to leaving the range.
• Shooting is permitted on designated ranges only (exception-pellet rifles permitted at designated targets in wooded areas)
• All targets shall be taped or stapled to the provided backstops. No targets are to be placed on cross-members.  
• All weapons must be unloaded with actions open and placed on a bench while others are down range.
• Firing of any weapon is to be from the firing line or from the designated benches only. Stand at the firing line at all times while shooting. Absolutely no firing of weapons is permitted down range.
• First person to arrive at a range is designated as the range officer and is responsible for the safe operation of the range. Upon his/her departure, a second person is designated. Personnel on the range shall follow the direction of the range officer.
• Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs are permitted on the range. Anyone who violates this is subject to immediate forfeiture of his/her membership.
• Short range (7, 15, and 25 yard) is for handgun and rim-fire rifles only
• Medium Range (25 and 50 yard) ranges are designated for rifle and long range pistols and muzzleloaders
• 100-yard range is for rifle, long range pistol and muzzleloaders only
• Rifled and non-rifled slugs are permitted on the 50 and 100 yard ranges. No buckshot is permitted

Long Range.

Road will be open based on weather conditions. Absolutely no passenger vehicles are permitted beyond graveled road. Quads may be used to access targets at the 200, 300, and 400-yard range, weather permitting
• No 50-caliber BMG rifles are permitted
• No full metal jacket ammunition shall be fired at steel targets
• No exploding targets or bottles/cans of any kind are permitted
• No bump stocks or other rapid-firing mechanisms may be used on the range. Each shot shall require the release and pulling of the trigger in order to fire a subsequent round. Aim at your target before firing. Indiscriminate firing of multiple rounds without aiming is prohibited

Shotgun Patterning Board/ Hand Trap area
• A special area to the right of the trap houses is designated for shotgun patterning
• No slugs or buckshot is permitted on the patterning board
• Hand trap shooting with a personal thrower is permitted between the #4 trap house and the patterning board. You are responsible for setting up and shooting in a safe direction.
• Both the patterning board and the hand trap area are available only when trap houses are not being utilized.

• The pond is designated as catch and release only. No barbed hooks are permitted.
• No swimming is permitted at any time
• Minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
• The pond pavilion is for your relaxation and enjoyment. Please remove and discard any litter including used fishing line and hooks before leaving
• Parking for the pond is at the pond parking lot only. No vehicles are permitted beyond the parking area

Archery/Airgun Pavilion
• Hanging archery targets are designated for field tips ONLY. No broadheads or practice broadheads are to be shot into these targets.
• A designated target which is marked “Broadheads only” is available for broadhead practice. This target is portable and can be moved to the required distance. Broadhead targets must be placed beneath the archery pavilion when not in use.
• If more than one shooter is present the first person to arrive is designated as the range officer. All firing of arrows or pellet rifles shall be from beneath the pavilion and at the firing line.
• All weapons must be placed on a bench or on a table or hanger while others are down range. Air rifles must be unloaded with actions open.
• Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs are permitted on the range. Anyone who violates this is subject to immediate forfeiture of his/her membership.