Long Range

Road will be open based on weather conditions. Absolutely no passenger vehicles are permitted beyond graveled road. Quads may be used to access targets at the 200, 300, and 400-yard range, weather permitting
• No 50-caliber BMG rifles are permitted
• No full metal jacket ammunition shall be fired at steel targets
• No exploding targets or bottles/cans of any kind are permitted
• No bump stocks or other rapid-firing mechanisms may be used on the range. Each shot shall require the release and pulling of the trigger in order to fire a subsequent round. Aim at your target before firing. Indiscriminate firing of multiple rounds without aiming is prohibited

We are currently engaged in an initiative aimed at enhancing and expanding our long-range facilities. As part of this endeavor, a new covered building is in the planning and implementation stages, alongside the installation of shooting benches. Additionally, we are undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the 200-yard, 300-yard, and 400-yard backstops and targets. Furthermore, enhancements to drainage systems and access roads have been prioritized and executed to ensure optimal functionality and convenience. Furthermore, as progress unfolds, we are committed to providing regular updates by sharing pertinent images and information to keep stakeholders informed of the ongoing developments. This transparent approach aims to foster trust and engagement among our community as we strive for continuous improvement and excellence in our long-range facilities.

400 yd range 6.5 creedmoor