The North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) presents a unique blend of competition and historical reenactment centered around the American Civil War. Skirmishing, at its core, involves company competition with individual firearms, challenging teams of eight to eliminate breakable targets against the clock. This sport not only fosters marksmanship but also serves as a means to recreate the historical context of the Civil War era. Member organizations of the N-SSA adopt the names and uniforms of documented units from the war, honoring the bravery of soldiers and civilians from both the Union and Confederacy. Established in 1950, the N-SSA promotes safe and competitive shooting of Civil War firearms and artillery, boasting over 3,500 members across more than 200 units. Skirmishing transcends social barriers, welcoming participants from diverse backgrounds, united by a passion for national heritage and black powder shooting. In addition to muskets, carbines, and pistols, skirmishers engage in artillery competitions, including mortars and cannons, making it a comprehensive and unparalleled experience. Beyond shooting, the association nurtures an interest in Civil War-era clothing and artifacts, hosting events for display and judging of period costumes. Each skirmish weekend offers a range of activities for families, from children’s programs to dances and cookouts, fostering a vibrant community spirit. The N-SSA traces its origins to small-scale competitions organized by enthusiasts in the late 1940s, evolving to embrace the names of actual Civil War units in tribute to their memory and contribution to history.

For inquiries or further information regarding the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA), please feel free to contact Terry Pierce. With extensive experience and knowledge within the organization, Terry can provide valuable insights, assist with membership inquiries, and address any questions you may have regarding N-SSA activities and events.

Contact Terry Pierce:  814-450-4757

Official site: https://www.n-ssa.org/