Precision Air Rifle Group

Gem City Precision Air Rifle Group convenes every Wednesday at 7 PM, bringing together enthusiasts dedicated to perfecting their marksmanship skills. During the winter, when the chill of the season settles in, they gather within the confines of the indoor range. Here, amidst the controlled environment, members meticulously refine their aim and technique using precision air rifles. These specialized rifles, known for their accuracy and consistency, are carefully calibrated to ensure optimal performance in the indoor setting.

As the temperatures rise and summer graces the region with its warmth, the group migrates outdoors to the open expanse of the outdoor range. Against the backdrop of nature, members adapt their shooting strategies to the dynamic outdoor conditions, challenging themselves against varying distances and elements. Despite the change in scenery, their dedication to precision shooting remains unwavering.

However, it’s important to note that the group observes a hiatus in their weekly gatherings on the third Wednesday of each month. This pause aligns with the club’s monthly meeting, where members come together to discuss matters relevant to their shared passion for precision shooting. This dedicated time fosters camaraderie as members exchange insights, share experiences, and contribute collectively to the growth of the club.

In essence, the Gem City Precision Air Rifle Group embodies a community united by their mutual love for precision shooting, committed to continuous improvement and camaraderie throughout the seasons.